After eight years of photographing exclusively with a digital camera, I became bored of the whole working process, I wanted something more. Out of plain curiosity, I began researching on photography which led me to articles about film cameras and people that were using them. At that time I had no idea that film cameras were tools that were still available and being used by photographers. Once I became aware of that, I dove in full force.

Photographing with film is not about style, it is about the process and medium. Working with film changed my way of seeing, thinking and being. It was a change that I immediately took to because it slowed me down. It made me appreciate more of what I was doing and who I was photographing. It is no longer about me a camera and subject, it is about subject and I connecting.

Photographing with film brings me joy and not only in the studio as this joy continues through from the processing stage right up until the final stage which is  a  high quality black and white custom hand processed print.