“An opening where there is no fear, boundaries or restrictions, an honest part of you revealed”

One on One Art Portraiture devoted to creating traditional black and white photographic portraits.


One on One Art Portraiture

One on One Art Portraiture specializes in fine art black and white portraiture, ( as done since the beginning of the photographic era), catering to individuals, duos* and artists .

*Duos: a maximum group of two.

What is your approach in portrait photography?

I am not just about pressing the shutter button, I am about connecting with you and photographing a side of authenticity and emotion that is true to you. Everybody is unique and I want to bring that part of you to life in your personal photographs.

What is your technique?

I take great pride in providing high quality black and white custom hand processed prints. Photographs are printed with an enlarger and hand processed in a darkroom. Portrait sessions are done with a medium format camera providing you with prints in a square format.  My process is slower and less “beautified” than modern digital imaging.



What happens during a portrait session?

A studio portrait session lasts up to ninety minutes. There are 12 exposures per look, ( one roll of film = 12 exposures). I provide different background choices: black, white or gray, in which you may select to set the tone of the session to cater to your taste.  I do not photograph full length images, my focus range is the face, neck and shoulders and three quarter length photographs. You can also send ideas of inspiration that you feel represents you and appeals to you to set the tone of  your session. This is all about you! Your energy, style and personality. For each of my sessions I begin with a few digital photographs. I  have found that this helps out with having you feel more relaxed and prepares you for how the session will continue. Having you feel comfortable is very important to me as I want your experience to be one where you feel at home. You will also receive an image or two from the digital set as a sneek- peek which you can post online and share with friends and family.

Scheduling A Portrait Session

For more information and pricing, please fill out the following form here.

Do you have any special advice?

Bring along several outfits depending on the amount of looks you desire and style you want to give. Personalize your look and make it your own! Whatever you decide, be sure to bring black or dark clothing as a “must have” as this directs more attention to the face. If  possible avoid bold prints and large busy patterns,( unless this is your style). Keep in mind that all sessions are photographed in black and white so colorful clothing will not serve much purpose. Remember this is where you get to set the stage and shine your way!

**I am aware that it is not easy for everyone to feel relaxed in front of the camera, but with many years of experience as professional portrait photographer, I ensure that you will feel at ease and have a wonderful experience.

Do you offer prints?

Yes I do. I offer prints in square format in the following sizes, 5×5, 8×8 and 12×12 that are custom hand processed giving you a unique and timeless photograph.

**If you desire  low res- digital files, (only for the web), this can be made available as an addition to your selected prints **

 Still have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact me or to arrange a meeting at the studio.

EMAIL: info@oneononeart.com
PHONE: 514-992-3032