“An opening where there is no fear, boundaries or restrictions, an honest part of you revealed”


I am a fine art portrait photographer based in Montreal, Canada.

 I love photographing people.  I am passionate and care about capturing personalities, raw emotion and expressions.

My journey into photography all started out in the world of fashion. Yet, as time passed, I discovered that I could not really believe in or empathize with the customs and idioms of fashion photography. I was disturbed by what comes through in fashion along with the constant false reminders of how perfection and beauty should be which has broken down our levels of self-esteem and self-acceptance.


I realized how powerful portrait photography could be and I wanted more out of it. I wanted something real and meaningful to emerge when I worked with a subject and did not want to cover up or take away from what I already saw as complete.

Whether it is a classic standard portrait or a creative one, my goal is to bring out a real and honest you. Everybody is unique and I want to bring that part of you to life in your personal photographs.