I am a fine art portrait photographer and self-portrait artist based in Montreal, Canada.

 As an artist and photographer, my goal is to create black and white photographic portraits that are works of art. I use vintage cameras and work with black and white film in a variety of different formats, ( 35mm, medium format and large format). I  sometimes use photographic darkroom paper as an alternative to using film.

I love photographing people. I love photographing personalities and most importantly human emotion. I am and have always been drawn and inspired by emotions that are real, raw and honest. Connecting and photographing a side that is true. Everybody is unique and I want to bring that part to life artistically in each photograph. I am obsessed with capturing raw emotions  in such a way that is not programmed nor accentuated with additional and unnecessary cover-ups of any kind. Just as in my self portraiture work, I present myself clean, non-retouched and as raw as it gets.

I find it difficult to accept the factory-assembly style of contemporary photographic portraiture. I see everyone as an individual and therefore cannot possibly see everyone under the same light, nor would I want to fall victim to seeing that way.

Self-portraiture has and still does play an important part in my world of creativity. It is an artist approach that keeps me balanced, especially in times where there is no one to photograph.  It is also a way for me to somehow, ( in a completely different perspective), bring my own personal conceptual ideas,(from my sketch book), to life that were originally planned out as I the photographer and not the subject matter.